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Drug Program Fresno

Drug Program Fresno, California

drug program Fresno

83% of The Light House Women’s Recovery Center
graduates experience successful long-term recovery!

Although both residential and non-residential programs offer recovering students a shorter program than many other addiction recovery centers, the majority of women experience successful long-term recovery through our intensive therapy, education, and work sessions.

Services at Light House Women’s Recovery Center:

  1. Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

  2. Individual Therapy

  3. Relationship Therapy

  4. Residential or Outpatient Services

  5. Group Therapy

  6. Family Therapy


outpatient drug program FresnoOutpatient & Residential
Addiction Treatment

The Light House Women’s Recovery Center, a drug program in Fresno, offers both Residential and Non-Residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs to women suffering from life-controlling substance abuse.