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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery for Women

The Light House Women’s Recovery Center Addiction Services

“Quality family life, education, and employment, balanced around the core focus of sobriety and faith in God makes the Light House a guiding light to addicted women who want lasting life transformation.”

Fresno women's drug rehab— Vikki Luna,

Founder & CEO

HOPE Received

Up to 17 women can join the residential 6-month program and attend classes and therapy sessions Monday-Thursday. Non-residential women can also attend classes and see therapists 2-4 days per week during their 120-day plan. In Phase 2, Residents and Non-Residents work 20-32 hours a week on the payroll at various Light House approved worksites.

Phase 1: Education / Therapy

Classes help women eliminate the old, evaluate the present, set future goals.

Phase 2: Self-Reliance

Women are required to return to school or get employment prior to successful completion. Women learn life skills, self-sustainability, and service above self.

Phase 3: Aftercare

Once a week check-in, testing, and therapy for 90 days.

Phase 4: Transitional Living (Optional)

The Bridge apartments feature six units where women—and their children—can live after completion of our program and have lived sober. Here, we help women save for future homeownership!

Over 83% of women graduates experience successful long-term recovery through the Light House’s intensive therapy, education, and work sessions.

Fresno women's drug recovery rehab

Our ladies are taught at 90-days how to develop and discipline a budgeted financial lifestyle. Some now have thousands saved. Yes, thousands toward homeownership. We have a cohort of 8-10 graduates that continue to be good stewards of their resources and will walk alongside them until they receive the keys to their homes.


Testimonies from our graduates

Fresno women's drug recovery

When I got to the Light House Women’s Recovery Center, I had nothing. I had lost my children, my marriage, everything. Right away, I felt at home, I knew I was where I needed to be. I had no boundaries, I struggled with depression and anxiety. I have learned a lot about myself and how to become self-sustaining. I put my children through a lot, but now I know how to be a parent and we have a good relationship.

Fresno addiction treatment for women

My life was really broken with a lot of depression, trying to live life my way. After losing four family members within a year, I became dependent on medication. I was given a second chance at the Light House Women’s Recovery Center. I now have the most amazing job. I have a great relationship with my kids and family. God totally provides. I no longer take medications, I am healthy, I am sober. I thank the Light House for being there for me.


Fresno women's drug recovery rehab

Women who complete the Light House program also enjoy monthly alumni meet-ups and share encouragement for one another’s achievements.