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Meet Our Light House Team

Vikki Luna founded The Light House Recovery Program, and since 2007, this faith-based program has served women recovering from alcohol and drug abuse. The Light House strongly depends on the support of surrounding communities for recovery services. To train women in workplace skills and help the organization financially, Vikki created two businesses in 2015, the Light-WEAR apparel line and the Cornerstone Coffee Company. A third business, Light House Thrift, launched in 2021. The Light House also receives financial and community support from caring business partners, corporate sponsors, and three local churches.

Board Members, Advisors

Fresno women's drug recovery rehab
Vikki Luna

Vikki Luna is the founder and CEO of The Light House Recovery Program. Since 2007, the faith-based program has served women recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. The Light House strongly depends on the support of our surrounding communities for recovery services. To train women in workplace skills and help the organization financially, in 2015, Vikki created two businesses, Light-WEAR, […]

Fresno women's drug recovery
Martha Kistler

Martha Kistler is the Founder of Honor Our Military Veterans (HOMV) and serves as a Lighthouse board member as well as on the board of Christian Businesswomen’s Connection (CBWC) and has been a speaker for the AARP.

She is a Financial Planner and owner of Total Financial Management where she only recommends quality solutions that meet our client’s individual goals and objectives. She is very actively involved in politics.

Fresno women's drug recovery
Bob Willis

Bob Willis has served as pastor of Northpark Community Church since June 1, 1997. Bob is a graduate of Bethany University and did his graduate studies at California Theological Seminary.

Fresno women's drug recovery
Trish Pinedo

Trish dedicated her life to Christ over 15 years ago and has served in ministry in various capacities. She has worked in the area of children’s, youth, young adult, married couples, women’s, service coordination, street outreach to women, homeless and Spanish ministry.

Trish believes that a husband and wife should serve in ministry together so she has served along with her husband for the past 15 years. Trish currently serves as Bethels church women’s ministry leader and she and her husband currently lead a marriage bible study. In the professional realm, Trish has worked for over 17 years in local politics serving the Fresno area.

Fresno women's drug rehab
Rebecca A. Nunes

Ms. Nunes graduated from California State University of Fresno in 1984. She worked for an International Accounting Firm before she opened her own practice in 2001. She also serves on other Boards within the Central Valley as well as being a member of the finance committee of her local church.

Since 2011, Ms. Nunes has served on the Board of DIRECTORS of The Light House RECOVERY Program, Inc. Having grown up in Fresno, she is committed to the betterment of the Fresno area. By dedicating her time, expertise, and skill set, to those working to become healthy and productive role models, she believes it makes a better community for us all.

Fresno women's drug recovery
Robert Abrams

Bob is a licensed attorney, real estate broker, and general contractor. He also has a lifetime teaching credential in Real Estate, Marketing, and Industrial Technology. Bob’s law practice areas include real estate, business, and civil litigation. Bob began his professional career in Commercial Banking, where he financed small and medium-sized businesses and real estate projects for construction, development, and permanent financing.

Bob believes in giving back to the community. He currently serves as a Board Member of the Fresno Mission, Habitat for Humanity – Fresno, and Campus Bible Church. He is past president of the Fresno Association of Realtors and a former director of the California Association of Realtors. He is the past president of the Community Housing Council of Fresno. He is also a member of Fig Garden Rotary.

Fresno women's drug and alcohol rehab

Sandra Holland

Sandy is married, has four children and 2 grandchildren. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has her own private practice, as well as, employed by the Federal Aftercare Program for Turning Point.

She is dedicated to helping people in their struggles. She believes her purpose is to serve God’s people and to be an instrument in helping them.

Fresno women's drug recovery
Matthew Grundy

Matthew Sterling Grundy is responsible for implementing Mayor Dyer’s vision and initiatives. He works closely with the Mayor and his staff to crystalize the ‘One Fresno’ mission – both within the walls of City Hall and throughout the community.

Recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and passion for building organizations, Matthew has expertise in organizational development, real estate, finance, and capacity building. Most importantly, he has a genuine love for people.

Before coming to City Hall, Matthew was Habitat for Humanity Greater Fresno Area’s CEO, a position he held since 2015. Before his work at Habitat, Matthew worked as an organizational consultant, developer, and President of a national supplemental educational services company that focused on turning around failing public schools.

Formerly homeless, Matthew is from Southern California. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in business administration, emphasizing entrepreneurial studies, from the University of Southern California. Matthew and his wife are ‘foodies’ who love a good meal. He enjoys cooking, reading, singing, playing board games, and taking family trips whenever he can.

Fresno women's drug recovery rehab
John Adams

John is co-founder and Executive Director for Supporting Peers. This is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting mental health and wellness within the First Responder community.

John also has over 3 decades of experience in IT organizations and currently assists several Christian organizations with their IT systems. He is dedicated to helping his community and spreading God’s message throughout the world.

Business partners & Corporate Sponsors