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The Light House Introduces Women to…

A More Fulfilling and Productive Way of Living, Free from Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Women can achieve sobriety, embrace independence, re-connect with family, and joyfully live free from drugs and alcohol while meeting life’s demands and the journey begins at a safe place to call home, The Light House Women’s Recovery Center in Fresno, CA!

We understand that women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction need support, accountability, and structure. That’s why The Light House provides:
  • Secure, caring, home-like residence empowering educational classes,
  • Vital individual, group and family therapy,
  • Inspirational, faith-building Bible studies and mentors
  • Important life-skills training (anger management, parenting, career building, office skills, health & wellness, family relationship and group therapy)
  • Essential employment skills, and job opportunities

Everything she needs to experience long-term recovery and live her new life with hope, purpose and meaning.

Outpatient & Residential
Addiction Treatment

The Light House Women’s Recovery Center offers both Residential and Non-Residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs to women suffering from life-controlling substance abuse.

83% Treatment Success at The Light House

Although both residential and non-residential programs offer recovering students a shorter program than many other addiction recovery centers, the majority of women experience successful long-term recovery
through our intensive therapy, education, and work sessions.

Residential and Non-Residential Applicants Must be

addiction treatment

addiction treatment

The Light House
Provides Hands-On Work Experience

Whether a woman (resident or non-resident) trains at our busy downtown Cornerstone Coffee Company, or at our Light House Thrift Shop, she will learn all aspects of the business.

We also provide training for women in cooperation with the Fresno County government work referral program. All participants can learn the important skills needed for employment after the successful completion of our recovery program, allowing them to become self-sufficient and independent women.

Our Philosophy of Ministry

“The Light House is a guiding light for addicted women who want lasting life transformation. They learn through a quality family life, education, and employment, all balanced around the core focus of sobriety and faith in God.

We are committed to helping women learn new skills, reach higher goals, and grow in their personal relationship with one another and with God.”

Vikki Luna, Founder & CEO

of The Light House Women’s Recovery Center, Fresno, CA

Before coming to The Light House, I was putting my addiction in front of my family. Through the classes, facilitators, therapists, mentors, and classes, my hurt was turned into hope, my darkness was turned into light. I learned how to trust people and I could let go of control. I saw changes in my life and the other ladies’ lives. Now, I can give back. I am so grateful. Romans 12:2.

– Rebecca

What Others Say…

addiction recovery“As a pastor, I am always looking for extraordinary ministries that are not only worthy of support, but who will provide the most bang for the buck. The Light House is such a ministry. Those who go through The Light House Women’s Recovery Center addiction treatment program move from addiction to sobriety, from welfare to work, from isolation to community, from dependence to independence, and most of all from darkness to spiritual light.”

Bob Willis, Pastor, Northpark Community Church

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